HollywoodPros App on iPhone & Android for Writers, Producers & Performers

Nexus 5 480x800 copyThe HollywoodPros App supports writers, actors, filmmakers and other professionals who want to earn more and enjoy more creative freedom in their work. It delivers:

  • Links to publishing, production, networking & industry research resources you’ll use every day
  • Tactical/practical how-to guides that review how to profitably publish books and audio books, produce films, fund films, market your live events, build an audience that follows you from project to project, protect your work against copyright theft, create apps to sell your books, audio content, video content, web series, films, etc.
  • Links to workshops, support groups, one-day training sessions.
  • Easy access to a fast-growing community of creative entrepreneurs that get things done.

Writers, screenwriters, performers, producers…if you work in the entertainment industry this is a fast track to doing more of what you love and getting paid a lot better.

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