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The HollywoodPros App supports writers, actors, filmmakers and other professionals who want to earn more money and enjoy more creative freedom in their work. It’s available for free on both iPhone and Android devices.

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Get the app to get our free “how to” guides:

  • Tactical Guide: Raising Equity For Your Media Production Company through Regulation D Private Placements
  • Tactical Guide: Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing
  • Tactical Guide: Screenwriting Primer
  • Tactical Guide: How to Write a Film or Web Series Business Plan
  • Tactical Guide: How to Sell – A Primer for Writers, Filmmakers, Performers & other Hollywood Pros
  • Tactical Guide: How to Guarantee (purchase) Distribution of Your Film in Theaters, on Cable, Across Media Channels
  • Tactical Guide: How to Sell Books with Iphone & Android Apps
  • Tactical Guide: How to Use Apps to Earn More from Your Films & Webseries

New content appear in the app with startling frequency.

In addition to the tactical guides, the HollywoodPros App has…

  • Links to publishing, production, networking & industry research resources you’ll use every day
  • Links to workshops, support groups, one-day training sessions.
  • Easy access to a fast-growing community of creative entrepreneurs that get things done.
  • A way to ask questions and get answers fast. Get advice on your projects and the challenges you’re facing.

Writers, screenwriters, performers, producers…if you work in the entertainment industry this app is a fast track to doing more of what you love and getting paid a lot better.