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Get the Free App that helps you connect to friendly, supportive, proactive writers, screenwriters, and filmmakers in Hollywood.

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  • Links to informative, friendly, and supportive meetups, workshops, screenings, training conference calls, etc.
  • Easy access to a fast-growing community of writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, and other creative entrepreneurs who get things done.
  • Resources that swiftly and painlessly teach you how to fund film through a standard Regulation D private placement, publish your books swiftly and profitably under, a month, pitch and sell your projects, market your work to audiences, etc.
  • A way to ask questions and get answers fast. Get advice on your projects and the challenges you’re facing.

Writers, screenwriters, performers, producers…if you work in the entertainment industry this app is a fast track to doing more of what you love and getting paid a lot better.